A Beautiful, Comfortable Home Can Be Yours

Explore financing options for your twin home in Casper, WY

You may think that you'll never be able to afford a twin home in Casper, Wyoming from Fairgrounds Plaza Inc. You couldn't be more wrong. We are able to refer you to a preferred lender.

First, you'll pay $2,500 to reserve your space. The money is fully refundable, and you can back out any time before closing. Once you decide to purchase the home, that money will be applied to your closing cost. We have a relationship with Hilltop Bank as a preferred lender, but you can use any bank you prefer.

Once you've secured funding, all you need is a pre-approval letter. You'll be the proud owner of a state-of-the-art twin home in no time at all.

Add style to your home

Twin homes from Fairgrounds Plaza are already appealing, but what if you could make your new home even better? You can, when you purchase one of our upgrade packages. You can add deluxe interior finishes or elegant landscaping. This provides a way for you to personalize your space for an affordable price.

Discover more about our upgrade options now by calling 307-267-7522.